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Posted on March 8, 2016 at 7:55 PM

I quite often hear the book of Esther preached by female Pastors, this is only one of two books in the 66 chosen to bare a female name. Indeed she is a national heroine, she is a selfless Queen who helps with the preservation of her husband as King and the preservation of her people. Esther  in this book is a Benjaminite, a very important  Hebrew woman who helps with the presevation of her people at the hand God.

She is from the tribe that came Paul of the New Testament, she is enveloped in the same inflexible integrity. She is dutiful to her Foster Father, she is faithful to her Husband, who is the King, she is loyal  to her own people and a true and faithful servant to her God. Well all of this is true and Esther represents a great model for all modern Christian women today, but there is much more to this book.

This book is makes up part of the Ancient  Hagiographa, a most Sacred Text. This story is as intregal as Joseph as ruler in Egypt, except  this time we see the elevation of two Benjaminites to hold office in a vast kingdom is very apparent.

Queen Vasti is replaced by God with her counterpart  Queen Esther.

Haman the Kings Courtier who was Sovereign of the Kings Counsel  is replaced with Morcedai.

In Esther 1: 1 we read that this King (Ahasuerus) reins 127 kingdoms from India to Ethiopia and the powerhouse of the the whole Persian Empire was run in the Shusan Palace where this story takes place. This Palace was strategically located and trade for the whole Persian Empire could be controlled by inland routes and by sea they had control of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea all the way to India, Esther 1 : 2.

As it was at the hand of God for Joseph to become the Prime Minister of Egypt, so that God could eventually deliver his people to the promised Land so it was for this Kingdom when we read the two previous Hagiographa sacred texts of Ezra and Nehimiah where we know at the time that the King of Persia named Cyrus, issued an edict for the captives of Babylon to return home Ezra 1 1:10 (see Archaeology  Cyrus Cylinder cuniform edict British Museum) In Ezra chapter 2 we see that only a remanant came back after the Capture of the Northern Kingdom and the later capture of the Southern Kingdom to Babylon.

It would appear and be most obvious that these people were now scattered through the Persian Empires which as I previously mentioned was rather vast. The enorminty of this empire gave opurtunity  to its inhabitants with the economic prosperity of  its vast shipping ports  and overland trade. We can see in James 1:1 where it addresses to all the 12 tribes scattered abroad under the prosperity of Roman rule , so it does seem reasonable to think that this would also apply under the prosperity of Persian Rule especially with Morceadai, a Hebrew, as second to the King and Queen Esther also a Hebrew.

So not all were concerned with the rebuilding of the Temple but some  were instruments of God to make preparations  fulfill the next event such as the the conquering of this Empire by  a Grecian , Alexander The Great and so on until the eventual coming of the Lord Jesus Christ , his death and ressurection .  

The Sacred Texts are importantly historical and a truly remarkable witness of God 's perfect timing.







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