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Genesis and Creation

Posted on 21 November, 2016 at 15:20
The Oldest accounts of Creation other than the account that Moses gives us in the sacred scriptures of Genesis have come down from the ancient Sumerian civilisation. The Sumerians were a dissipating race at the time when Abraham lived in Ur, but there is evidence that for about two centuries prior to Abraham that the Sumerian Scribes were occupied in reproducing clay tablets of the Old Sumerian Literature. Most historians and scholars would agree that this literature would have influenced the religious foundations of the Assyrians and the Babylonians. It would also appear to the basis for ancient Phoenician , Persian and Indian religions where they all agree that out of chaos came light. Whilst there appears to be glimmer of Truth in these accounts it differs to the accounts given by Moses. But the account given by Moses is so great that some Scholars and Historians consider it to be a "Religious Genius of the Hebrews " . The truth of matter is that the account of Creation is not only the very foundation that the whole of 66 books of the Bible is based upon, but it intentionally gives us an Identity in God as our Father as it is a Revelation as to his own "Nature and Thoughts" . Understanding this we can carry the True Mantle of Light in our walk as Christians and recognising that this was the very Nature of Jesus Christ himself. Curator.

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